Currently I am directing and producing my final year film, “Owl’s Day Out”, I have got two students to work with me fulltime and a few students to do some bits and bobs, the group blog you can check out on:



To the left you can choose what page you want to have a look at for some of my previous work, feel free to comment!


6 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Christina & David in Glencoe Says:

    Hi Jess, wish you were here with Euan.

    Your web site is really cool. David and I went to Glasgow today and visited Ikea where we had lunch and bought some more of that lovely crispbread which you brought to us at Christmas.

    Weather here is crap – not very wintry but that is typical of Glencoe. Sorry we didn’t get to see you when we were down in Guildford but hopefully we can sort that out soon.

    Take care and lots of love. xx

  2. Nice work swede! What a clever girl you are! xxxx

  3. Pappa Lars Says:

    Well done – as you always do.

  4. hej bejb 🙂
    Fan vad du är duktig, suttit och kollat på dina grejer. Helt fantastiskt 🙂 Ska länka hit från min blog, som jag startade för ett tag sen. Kika gärna in där å lämna en kommentar 🙂


  5. Hi cutie!

    Great site! Just wanted to stop by and say hi and SEE YOU SOON! =0P

  6. Hey HEy just saw your Blogg hope that every things is going well … have a nice summer …..
    love your blog

    lycklig sommar …looked up does that mean happy summmer.. if i don’t see you befor in CAmden

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